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037. may nothing but death do us part

( 394 ) free! eternal summer ♡ samezuka boys, shigino kisumi, haruka nanase, & makoto tachibana.
w/appearances by: nagisa hazuki & gou matsuoka)

okok so i have some small news to share! i recently got a new laptop at the beginning
of the new year, and because of that i had to get the newest version of photoshop!
unfortunately the newer versions of photoshop saves things at a higher kb and
since dw's kb limit is at 40 i've had to work around that when it comes to saving images.
what this basically boils down to is that if you're having troubles uploading one of
the images i've made from this point on, please let me know!
most of the images here are now saved as .jpg's but there miiiiight be a couple of .png's
hidden among them. (also it's going to be a little while for me to not automatically
save images as .png's - which was what i had saved them as before.)

but yeah, just link me the image in a comment and i'll save it as a .jpg for yah!
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The ones I tossed at dw so far have worked fine, but mostly I just came to tell you that you are my hero.