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000. resources

resources & credits;;
♡ manga scans taken from the following: mangasee.
♡ anime caps are mostly self taken. will credit if using someone else's batch tho!
♡ comments are lovely but not necessary!
♡ subscriptions are also lovely but not necessary!
♡ feel free to either credit: [community profile] knightships or [personal profile] phonographs!
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knb requests ▿

[personal profile] phonographs 2014-08-24 12:58 pm (UTC)(link)
mostly so i have all the requests down in one place should plurk poop out on me.
▹ taiga kagami
▹ kiyoshi teppei
▹ junpei hyuuga
▹ atsushi murasakibara
▹ makoto hanamiya
▹ riko aida
▹ ogiwara
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